Professor Sergey Meleshko

Sergey V. Meleshko received his MS from Novosibirsk State University and his Ph.D. from Institute of Hydrodynamics in 1981 under the guidance of Prof. Nikolay N. Yanenko and Prof. Vasiliy P. Shapeev. In 1991 he defended doctor degree "Classi cation of solutions with degenerate hodograph of the gas dynamic and plasticity equations" in Institute of Mathematics and Mechan- ics. He has been a researcher, senior researcher and leading researcher in Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics since 1979. At the same time he was a professor in Novosibirsk State University, where as of July, 1991, he served as the Vice Dean. From 1996 he started working in Suranaree University of Technology, where he has supervised 16 Ph.D. students to date, with 7 more currently supervised.

His principal research interests include analytical methods for constructing exact solutions of partial di erential equations (in particular, method of di erential constraints and group analysis of di erential equations); symbolic (analytical) computation on a computer; mathematical and nu- merical modeling. He has co-authored over 105 papers as well as two books published by Springer in the area of methods for constructing exact solutions of di erential and integro-di erential equa- tions.